New Android Auto Hack | Access All Phone Apps & Mirror Your Full Phone while Driving | 100% Working

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Warning: This video demonstrates, how to achieve the full Phone Mirroring in Android Auto. This can be positively used to play your favorite Music App or favorite Maps Application (like Sygic or NaviMaps etc.) on your In Car Screen. Using this technique to watch videos while driving may be hazardous. Road Safety is the Prime Responsibility of the Driver and it is advisable that he should not operate or watch videos while driving.

Note: 28/11/2018 UPDATED LINKS. Link to the latest apk updated below. Working with latest Android Auto and latest Google Play services.

Welcome to Nitant Vlogs,

This video is about a technique or a hack in Android Auto by which you can get the access to all features of your Phone screen in your In Vehicle Infotainment system.

By using this method you can access to youtube, internal or external memory of the phone, gallery and any other app available on your phone including even camera app. You can play video while driving and without any hardware change in the car. If your car supports android auto and you have an android device, thats all you need.

The response is very quick and flawless and works like a charm. The only downside is that you need to root your Phone in order to achieve this. And you should understand the risks of Rooting your smartphone like your Phone's warranty is void after rooting and you should be careful before trying new root enabled apps in your phone. So if you are new to root your phone you should take the help from someone or you should study about the Rooting your device and follow the trustworthy sites like XDA Devolopers.

To know about Rooting your Phone, a complete guide is available at:

Once your phone is rooted you need to download these files given in the description below (Note: When downloading from a phone's browser, enable desktop mode in order to download it successfully. Because is some cases Dropbox doesn't display the download link in mobile view):
1. AA Mirror (Works Perfect) Download Link:
3. AA Unlock (IF STILL NOT WORKING TRY THIS AAutoAppEnabler_v1.1.apk, Download Link:

This contains new versions with improved features and support.

Tested Successfully on:
The latest Android Auto V3.7.584044-release
Lateset Google Play Services V 14.5.74
Latest Google Play Sore V 12.5.15

If not working please follow these steps:
1. Clear Google play store and Google Play services data.
2. Clear AA data.
3. setup AA again with developer options all settings mentioned in video
4. Android auto-left menu -about -right menu -developer setting -application model- release
5. Install(if not installed): AA_Mirror.apk Download Link:
6. Install AAutoAppEnabler_v1.1.apk, Download Link:
7. Open the app, click "Read apps". Grant Root access. Check the app aa_mirror from the list.
8. Click "Unlock"
9. Click "Apply". wait for a few seconds.
10. Reboot Phone.
11. Enjoy aa_mirror on Android Auto Screen

Hope you enjoy this video and drive safe. :)

Disclaimer: The content shown in this video is sourced from various resources available online including Github, XDA developers etc. This is purely technical and for educational purpose. This should be used as a feature of your phone and in vehicle device. The road safety is the key responsibility of the driver and Nitant Vlogs will not be responsible for any miss-happening or damage related to road safety and also to the Phone and infotainment system.

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