Android Auto Hack Of The Year : Watch Youtube In Your Car

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The Android Auto Hack Of The Year, this cool little trick will let you watch YOUTUBE in your vehicle equipped with android auto! This is tested in a 2018 Lincoln MKZ with SYNC 3 installed!

Make sure you install Android Auto 2.9 as 3.0 will disable this! Links to apps required for this android auto tips and tricks tutorial are listed below

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Android Auto 2.9:
Car Stream app:


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Android Auto Carstream 2.0 Hack In Xuv 500! (Youtube in Car) EDIT: CHECK DESCRIPTION FOR MORE INFO

Android Auto Carstream 2.0 Hack In Xuv 500! (Youtube in Car) EDIT: CHECK DESCRIPTION FOR MORE INFO

Hello Guys.. Today I Am Going To Explain how to play YouTube on your car's screen. Android Auto Hack Is Here!

[Edit]: Carstream has stopped working since 23/7/18, due to the recent patch update by google. As it is only a app based patch, please visit the following link to downgrade your Android Auto app to continue using carstream! [Edit]

Download :
Carstream :

Android Auto (older version, just download the version the link opens, ignore any "newer apk available" popups) :

Android Auto :

Phone Used In Video : Zuk Z2 Plus
( )

Video Shot On : OnePlus 5

Special Thanks To Shivam
Check Out His Channel Here :
5 trucos para dominar Android Auto

5 trucos para dominar Android Auto

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Android Auto, c'est quoi ? Tour d'horizon des fonctions et des apps !

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